In-Town Shuttle

Springdale in-town shuttle service started March 10th under a modified route.  Buses will start at approximately 8:05am and run until approximately 9:10pm, seven days a week.

  • Start at Zion Canyon Village > 
  • NO stops until Lion Boulevard > 
  • right onto Lion Boulevard > 
  • temporary stop at the Town Offices > 
  • left onto Winderland Lane > 
  • past Oscars > 
  • left onto Zion Park Boulevard (where a flagger should be stationed) > 
  • stop at Bumbleberry > 
  • stop at Desert Pearl > 
  • stop at Whiptail > 
  • stop at Cliffrose > 
  • stop at Zion Canyon Village

Until the center of Town fully opens up from construction, this modified route is expected to be in effect.

Temporary Town Shuttle Route